Nielsen Audience Measurement (Malaysia) was originally a part of Survey Research Malaysia (SRM) which was established in 1964. Today, it is the dominant source of TV market research data in Malaysia. The television audience measurement (TAM) service was first launched in 1971 using 3 day recall methodology that was later upgraded in 1987 to a continuous 15 minute TV Diary.

The peoplemeter was introduced in 1995 with 660 panel homes installed to represent the television viewing population of Peninsular Malaysia. On-line meters were used in urban areas and off-line meters in rural areas. All off-line meters were subsequently upgraded to on-line by 2001.

The TAM panel was increased from 660 to 840 households in 2005 to facilitate measurement of individual channels within ASTRO’s satellite pay-tv service. In 2007 the panel size was further increased 1000 households comprising 400 Pay TV and 600 Free-To-Air homes.

Over the years we have built a strong team with a wealth of experience in sampling, panel management, operations management and client service. Nielsen Audience Measurement (Malaysia) provides daily minute-by-minute TV audience and advertising spots data to the media industry clients.