Nielsen Audience Measurement, medijske raziskave, d.o.o.

Nielsen Audience Measurement (medijske raziskave, d.o.o.) is the Slovenian member of The Nielsen Company, the largest provider of Television Audience Measurement (TAM) services in the world.

TAM research in Slovenia was initiated by AGB Nielsen, medijske raziskave, d.o.o. (previously named Media Services AGB d.o.o.) in January 1999. The first data was released in April 1999 based on a 350 household panel. The current panel is 450 households and is representative of the total population.

The fully integrated proprietary system of Nielsen Audience Measurement, medijske raziskave, d.o.o. provides an independent, reliable and transparent TAM system that over 150 television broadcasters, advertising agencies and advertisers rely on daily.


Our Mission

Reliable, valid ratings are the 'common currency' for the market's commercial airtime. Media planners and buyers evaluate the alternative programs offered to best achieve their advertising goals; broadcasters evaluate the program or station's popularity and determine how much to charge advertisers for commercials aired during a program or on a given channel.

A television audience measurement (TAM) system is reliable because of the provider’s solid experience in TAM data production; it is independent because the provider operates from a position of neutrality, recognised by all market players; and it is transparent because every system component is comprehensible and accessible to qualified, market auditing. Our mission is to establish and maintain the national common currency used by TV stations, media planners and advertisers for their TV advertising transactions, based on a reliable, independent and transparent audience measurement system.


Nielsen Audience Measurement

Nielsen Audience Measurement is a unique company, in that it dedicates 100% of its resources to the provision of high quality TAM services. This commitment to excellence results in leading edge technology, superior client service and global standardisation. Expertise, skills and familiarity with the Slovenian market are supplemented by tradition, international standards and know-how, all of which is complemented by Slovenian partnerships with leading Slovenian companies specialised in market and media research: GfK Slovenija d.o.o. and the Institut for media research – Mediana.