Television, in nearly every country around the world, has become the dominant medium for information, commercial communication and entertainment. This has led to the ever-increasing desire by broadcasters, advertisers and advertising agencies to have accurate, consistent and detailed information about TV audiences.

Nielsen TAM Ukraine (Television Audience Measurement) is the specialized branch of media research, dedicated to quantifying (size) and qualifying (characteristics) this detailed viewing behavior of audiences via TV and PC in Ukraine.

As consumers demand more content on more channels and on more devices, Nielsen is committed to provide the most complete understanding of audiences across all media and the highest quality measurement of what people watch in Ukraine.


2013 Industrial Television Committee ordered television audience research by Nielsen TAM Ukraine.

The contract was concluded for 5 years. TV Panel is based on a nationwide sample of 3740 households, which includes 2540 (earlier 1600 HHs) households located in cities with population over 50 thousand people and 1200 (earlier 940 HHs) households located in towns with population less than 50 thousand people.

In December 2013 TV Panel customers began to receive the test data on the new TV Panel.

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Privacy at Nielsen TAM Ukraine

At Nielsen TAM Ukraine, we collect different types of information based upon the panel or survey in which you participate and we are very protective of your information.

We will NOT use your personal identifying information to advertise, promote market goods or services directly to you and we do not allow our clients to market directly to you.

If you would like to generally understand how Nielsen protects the privacy of its panel and survey members, please visit our Panel Privacy FAQs