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About Us

Nielsen TV Audience Measurement S.r.l. is a division of The Nielsen Company, the worldwide television audience Measurement (TAM) specialist using peoplemeter systems.

Our Mission

To define a common currency based on a reliable, transparent, independent audience measurement system.

Our History

In 1981, AGB Nielsen Media Research became a specialised pioneer in the manufacture, supply and installation of peoplemeter systems, eventually becoming the main supplier of a fully-integrated TAM system.

  • 1976-1987 From the first meter installation to the Italian panel
  • 1988-1991 The international challenge
  • 1992-1999 The right formula leads to an undisputed leadership
  • 2000-2002 The new millennium begins with a great success...

In working towards an internationally recognised and accepted audience measurement system, The Nielsen Company is committed to standardising all TAM operations. This does not mean simply using the same hardware and software, but also following the same guidelines to design the sample, recruit the households, create the database and perform quality control.

Consequently standard procedures and operational manuals are in place, and regular training and frequent internal audits are performed.

AGB Media Services is the support company which co-ordinates and continuously monitors these standards. They receive daily production indicators from all sister companies which includes the number of households produced, polled and excluded during the validation process and the reason for each discard.

The standards applied by the Group comply with the Television Audience Measurement World Rules published in April 1998.