Since 1999, AGB Stat Ipsos has been providing complete TAM data to the Lebanese market. A national representative sample was completed in 1999 (400 households, individuals aged 4+ in TV households) and expanded to 600 households, during the year 2009.

Television Audience Measurement (TAM)

The TAM system has proven itself as the most successful and precise method of collecting this type of information in Europe and worldwide. Its efficiency manifests in fast, minute-by-minute, daily data production, 365 days a year.

Our Mission

To establish a common currency used by TV stations, Media planners and Advertisers for their advertising transactions, based on a reliable, independent and transparent audience measurement system.

AGB Stat Ipsos

AGB Stat Ipsos is a SAL company established in Lebanon in 1998 and is part of the Nielsen Company and Ipsos Group.

AGB Stat Ipsos is exclusively dedicated to television audience measurement (TAM) and provides full TAM services including both audience data and TV analysis software.

AGB Stat Ipsos benefits from the regional expertise of Ipsos Middle East and North Africa and the specialised contribution of The Nielsen Company to deliver peoplemeter data to Lebanon, one of the most complex Middle Eastern markets.