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Products and Services

Since 1994, AGB Nielsen Media Research Venezuela has led the AGB Nielsen group in Latin America, offering a diversity of products and services which are designed and adapted to meet the analysis and the planning needs of our complex media market.


Measure TV audience by programmes and commercial breaks. Moreover, to establish the common language among TV stations, media planners and advertisers based upon a reliable, quality and transparent information given by AGB Nielsen Media Research.



  • That AGB Nielsen Media Research`s Ratings serves as currency of change
  • To facilitate to the channels in order to satisfy the viewers
  • To allow to the agencies to optimize the advertising investment
  • To support the brands and sales of the advertisers.


  • To select the group panel of the population
  • To install and to support the infrastructure (Pollux and Meters)
  • To manage the panel
  • To provide the best application of SW 
  • To provide excellent service to the clients