TAM Overview



Panel Size:

5.188 households

First data production:


The Panel


Peoplemeters installed:



56.904.890 (individuals aged 4+ in TV households)

Data monitored:

Analogic Terrestrial, satellite, DTT + IPTV viewing

Data retrieval via:

Telephone lines

Products and Services



Programs & Breaks, Spot, Sponsorships TV programme typologies, Movies and Sport Events

Software Packages:

Arianna, AdFinder, ADVantage, TeleMatch, TeleMove, TeleMovie


Campaign certification, advertising clutter analysis, ad hoc analysis, consultancy and training

Data delivery:

Internet and paper reports

Main Clients


TV Stations:

AXN Italia, Canale Italia, Discovery Italia, Disney Channel Italy, Fox International Channels, Jetix Europe, La7, MGM Network, MTV, Sky Italia, NBC, Profit, RAI, RTI, 29 local broadcasters, Turner  

TV Media Sellers:

Cairo Communication, Manzoni, Publitalia '80, Publikompass, Sipra

Institutional Authorities:

Authority for the Guarantess in the Telecommunications

Advertising Agencies
and Media Sellers:

Aegis Media, Avance, Assist Data, StarCom, , Diaframma, Gemini, InAdv, Initiative   Media, Mediaedge:CIA - Group M, Media Italia, MC2, Mediacom, MPG Group, MindShare, O.M.D., Universal Media, Z.O.G.


Giochi Preziosi, Grani & Partners, H3G, Labo Europa, MSC Crociere, Panini, Riso   Gallo 
 TV Producers: Cinecittą Holding, De Agostini, Einstein Multimedia, Geca Italia, Grundy Italia, Magnolia, Sony Pictures, Walt Disney  International, Warner Bros
 Media Auditor:

A+AD AUDIT, Media Advisor


Accenture, Borometro Sport System, Caspur,  L'Eco della Stampa, Lega Calcio