Since 2002, Nielsen Audience Measurement (AGB Strategic Research) has been providing complete TAM data to the Serbian market. A national representative sample was completed in December 2002 (890 households, individuals aged 4+ in TV households, territory of Serbia without Kosovo).

Our Mission

To establish a uniform data system for TV audience measurement used by the TV stations, media buyers, media planners and advertisers for their advertising activities, based on reliable, independent and transparent data.

Nielsen Audience Measurement (Serbia)

Nielsen Audience Measurement (Serbia) is a specialised TV audience research agency. Originally founded in Belgrade on 1 May 2002 as AGB Strategic Research, the company was a joint venture between the international AGB Nielsen Media Research Group and local marketing research agency Strategic Marketing.

Nielsen Audience Measurement

Since the world’s first national panel was established in Italy in 1981, Nielsen Audience Measurement has specialised in setting up and maintaining peoplemeter systems. Nielsen Audience Measurement currently maintains peoplemeter panels in 27 countries on 5 continents, which makes it the biggest television audience measurement (TAM) provider in the world.

Television Audience Measurement (TAM)

 Nielsen Audience Measurement is exceptionally successful and experienced in setting up peoplemeter TAM systems worldwide. There is no other TAM service provider in the world that has had the opportunity to gain such experience and know-how in the management of peoplemeter systems in so many different environments and cultures.The TAM system has proven itself as the most successful and precise method of collecting this type of information in Europe and worldwide. Its efficiency manifests in fast, minute-by-minute, daily data production, 365 days a year.

Nielsen Audience Measurement (Serbia)’s television audience panel is representative on the national level, and includes 880 households with arround 1290 peoplemeters installed. The initial set-up was completed in December 2002.