TAM Specialists

The Nielsen Company is totally committed to TAM services.

We dedicate a high percentage of our energy, resources and investments to TAM. This is further highlighted by our strong commitment to maintaining a fully integrated TAM system at the forefront of technology; in hardware, production and analysis software.

Our specialisation is the result of several decisions and investments:

  • Dedicate all research activities to exclusively concentrate on TAM and its international expansion
  • The Nielsen Corporate Support Centre is the heart of the TAM division by consolidating its expertise. The Corporate Support Centre employs more than 100 professionals, all skilled in TAM and provides a unique concentration of industry specialisation.
  • All our associated companies use the same standard system. Although adapted to local needs, this standardisation guarantees that each company can profit immediately from any development in the key areas of hardware, production and analysis software.
  • All our tools are proprietary and developed within the Group. This guarantees the total control of development priorities, which is an advantage for our clients worldwide.


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