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We are a leading global information and measurement company that provides clients with a comprehensive understanding of consumers and consumer behavior. We deliver critical media and marketing information, analytics and industry expertise about what consumers watch (consumer interaction with television, online and mobile) and what consumers buy on a global and local basis.
Our information, insights and solutions help our clients maintain and strengthen their market positions and identify opportunities for profitable growth.
We have a presence in approximately 100 countries, including many developing and emerging markets, and hold leading market positions in many of our services and geographies.
Based on the strength of the Nielsen brand, our scale and the breadth and depth of our solutions, we believe we are the global leader in measuring and analyzing consumer behavior in the segments in which we operate.

We align our business into three reporting segments, the principal two of which are What Consumers Watch (media audience measurement and analytics) and What Consumers Buy (consumer purchasing measurement and analytics).
Our Watch and Buy segments, which together generated 97% of our revenues in 2012, are built on an extensive foundation of proprietary data assets designed to yield essential insights for our clients to successfully measure, analyze and grow their businesses.
The information from our Watch and Buy segments, when brought together, can deliver powerful insights into the effectiveness of advertising by linking media consumption trends with consumer purchasing data to better understand how media exposure drives purchase behavior.
We believe these integrated insights will better enable our clients to enhance the return on investment of their advertising and marketing spending.

Our Watch segment provides viewership data and analytics primarily to the media and advertising industries across television, online and mobile screens. Watch represented 36% of our total revenues in 2012.

Our Buy segment provides retail transactional measurement data, consumer behavior information and analytics primarily to businesses in the consumer packaged goods industry.
Buy represented 61% of our total revenues in 2012.

Our Expositions segment operates one of the largest portfolios of business-to-business trade shows in the United States.
Each year, we produce approximately 40 trade shows, which in 2012 connected approximately 270,000 buyers and sellers across 20 industries.
Expositions represented 3% of our total revenue in 2012.

Total revenues in 2012 were $5.6 billion

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