Why Nielsen?

Nielsen invented TV audience measurement and analytics. When our founder Arthur C. Nielsen, invested in very first television-metering device in 1936, there were only a few hundred sets in the world.
Today, Nielsen continues to invest in technology, methodology and panel recruitment to ensure we remain the unquestioned leader in the field.

We measure more than 40% of the world’s viewing behavior – hundreds of channels, thousands of programs, millions of viewers.
Our measurement covers not only conventional TV sets, but also the growing viewership on computers and mobile devices.


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Local Operating Companies

Present in Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, North America and Latin America, The Nielsen Company guarantees the highest data quality standards and the widest range of services and software tools to make the most of the TV ratings database.

Each local company adopts the same philosophy, resulting in standardised tools and practices. This consistent approach across all our operations delivers the best in client service and ensures that every market – both large and small – shares in the benefit that comes from the enormous investment required by any high-end TAM provider.


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