Multiple countries across five continents, hundreds of channels, thousands of programs, millions of viewers. Our job is to decipher and deliver television data every day. How does a program achieve the top rank in TV ratings, and what does this mean? Our ratings aren’t qualitative evaluations of how much a program is ‘liked’. Instead, our ratings provide the simplest, most democratic measurement: ‘How many people watched?’.

Nielsen measures over 40% of the world’s TV viewing behaviour

It is the Nielsen mission to establish the common currency to be used by TV Broadcasters, Agencies and Advertisers, based upon a reliable, independent and transparent audience measurement system. Nielsen currently manages more television audience measurement (TAM) panel households than any other international television audience ratings provider.

Today, the typical home has multiple television sets and well over 100 channels from which to choose. Likewise, our measurement technologies must constantly evolve to keep pace with daily innovations in consumer electronics.

With recent advances in electronics, viewing is no longer limited to the television set and content is available on multiple platforms. Computers and mobile devices have joined the television as places to view programming. Nielsen measures how people use and engage with content across these ‘three screens’.

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