Nielsen Audience Measurement (original name: AGB Hungary, later: AGB Nielsen) was established by AGB Italia Group in 1992. The subsidiary is 100% owned by The Nielsen Company. The first 200 meters were installed in Budapest by AGB technical staff, while TV audiences in the countryside had been measured by the Gallup Institute based on diaries. The first national TV viewing statistics were derived from combining the samples of the two databases, and provided information on the viewing behavior of the 18+ population in Hungary.

In March 1994 AGB Hungary had already been measuring TV audiences according to a national representative sample of 600 households. AGB Hungary was the first in the world to apply meters connected to radio-frequency telephones for TV audience measurement - due to the insufficient number of Hungarian households with landline phones.

In the autumn of 1997, two national commercial channels TV2 and RTL Klub were launched. The competition between TV companies and the fragmentation of the audience made it necessary to expand the panel. From the spring of 1999 the panel consisted of 840 households and 10 years later the panel size further increased: from 1st April 2009 the audience measurement is based on 1040 panel households and from 1st January 2015 the panel was broadened to 1120 households.

Nielsen Audience Measurement provides services according to contracts with TV companies, advertising agencies, advertisers and production houses. Besides the viewing data, we provide TV ad-spend data and software for media analysis, planning and campaign post evaluation.