Nielsen Audience Measurement (Macedonia) began electronic television audience measurement (TAM) in August 2007. Data regarding the TV viewing audience for the capital city of Skopje has been continually delivered to the market since December 2007.

The national representative panel in Macedonia, completed during July 2008, comprises 400 installed households, or more than 1300 individuals, in the daily production. The panel is formed with technologically advanced proprietary tools developed by The Nielsen Company together with the extensive experience gathered from the 30 countries in which it does business.

Nielsen Audience Measurement (Macedonia)

Nielsen Audience Measurement (Macedonia) is a branch office of Nielsen Audience Measurement and is a specialised TAM agency started in Skopje in August 2007. The company is а part of The Nielsen Company, which operates TAM services in more than 30 countries across 5 continents.


Nielsen Audience Measurement

Company Strategy

Nielsen Audience Measurement is a unique company, in that it dedicates 100% of its resources to the provision of high quality TAM services. The commitment to excellence in this niche market results in leading edge technology, superior client service and global standardisation.

It is the mission of the companies within The Nielsen Company to establish the common currency to be used by TV stations, Media Planners and Advertisers for their advertising transactions, based upon a reliable, independent and transparent audience measurement system.

Nielsen Audience Measurement currently manages more TAM panel households than any other international television audience ratings provider.

Leading edge technology, excellent client service and global processes are the guiding principles driving our daily operations in more than 27 countries across 5 continents. Within the Group, there are 56,000+ homes installed with more than 80,000 peoplemeters providing daily TV ratings data produced using Nielsen’s proprietary hardware and software solutions. The Nielsen Company employs 2,562 TAM professionals around the globe, all supported by the unique Corporate Centre in Lugano, Switzerland.

Future Strategy

To continue to manage our existing companies with superior client service, delivering up-to-date TAM technology. Where tenders are up for renewal, we will evaluate how these countries fit into the overall company strategy and will pursue new markets as and when they come available.

Television Audience Measurement (TAM)

Using highly specialised devices - the peoplemeter – electronic TAM has shown and proven itself as the most successful and most precise way of gathering TAM information worldwide. Its success is revealed in the minute-by-minute, day by day delivery of data, 365 days a year.