Nielsen Audience Measurement Benelux

Nielsen Audience Measurement (aka AGB Nielsen Media Research Benelux) was founded in December 2003 with the aim of distributing Arianna, the world class proprietary TV ratings analysis software, within the Benelux countries. Today, a large part of the Belgium market appreciates Arianna's calculation speed, flexibility and sophisticated reporting capabilities.

Although Nielsen Audience Measurement does not operate as a TAM ratings provider in any of the Benelux countries, the management of the Benelux office provides a unique local partner for key TAM players in these countries. The Benelux team is readily available to answer any questions about Nielsen Audience Measurement's proprietary TAM solutions, provided globally. The team is also interested in developing local partnerships to support TAM tender processes within these countries.

Currently AGB Nielsen Media Research Benelux clients include: AB Group, Aegis Media (Carat Belgium, Viseum), I-BCgroup (Initiative, BrandConnection), MediaForce, MPG, SPACE, TVI SA (RTL-TVi, ClubRTL, PlugTV, IP Belgium), Universal Media, Vitaya, VMMa (VTM, 2BE, JIM TV), Zenith Optimedia.

For Further Information please contact:

Nielsen Audience Measurement
AV. Des Pléiades – Plejadenlaan 73
B-1200 Brussels

Tel : +32 2 778 70 11 - Fax: +32 2 778 70 78

Managing Director: Olivier Vandermeule t: +32 2 778 71 24
Client Service Manager: Robin Florin t: +32 2 778 71 75
Client Service: Giuseppe Sortino t: +32 2 778 70 33